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How to Join a Telemedicine Call:

Step 1: 

Click the dark blue button in the section below and it will open a new tab that will prompt you to type your name. Please type in your full name and click "Check In" so that your provider can confirm that you are the correct patient. 

Step 2: 

Please click the teal button that says "Give access to camera and mic" so that your provider can hear and see you. Your device may have additional pop-ups to authorize this this access. Please make sure to allow access. 

Step 3: 
Doxy 3.JPG

Your Video

You will then be placed in the virtual waiting room. Your screen will look like this until your provider logs on and starts your appointment. If you believe your provider is late, please call the office for a status update.  

Please note you can test your connection in advance of the appointment by clicking "Pre-call Test" button in the lower left corner of your screen once connected. If after following the above instructions, you are still having difficulty connecting, please call our office for assistance.

Doctor's Desk

Start a Telemedicine Visit

At your scheduled appointment time, click the below button to connect with your provider. See below for more detailed instructions

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